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A consistent process leads to consistent results, quality, and business growth. While every project we work with has its own unique outcome, we follow the same process to ensure the best possible results. When you work with Boldally, we will lead you through each step of your project, explaining each step as we progress.


When you reach out to Boldally, our goal is to listen to you, and get to know enough about your business to present you with the best solution. We will ask questions, and take notes. Your business is unique, and our job is to recommend the best course of action for your website or marketing.

We will develop a scope of work and a plan tailored to your needs, honing in our expertise to help your business grow. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals.

Included in this phase

  • Project Scope Call
  • Website Proposal
  • Website Questionnaire
  • Mockup Delivery
  • Mockup Review


When you work with Boldally, your project is being backed by our entire team. It all starts with a kick-off meeting that is held in our office or virtually via Zoom.

At this meeting, our project manager, a developer, and our content writer or strategist will learn more about your business and your customers.

We will talk about your brand and design preferences. By the end of the meeting, we will have a plan in place for content, photography, development, maintenance, and Search Engine Optimization.

Get to Know About Your Project Details at Boldally

Gagandeep Singh, CEO

Content Development

Content is essential to strong digital marketing. It educates your customers so they can make smart buying decisions. Optimized content will attract new leads to your website with strong keywords. Strong content and SEO go hand in hand. Powerful content will take leads from your social media into a deeper relationship with your business and convert them into paying customers.

Included in this phase

  • Sitemap. We will work with you to structure the content architecture of the site which is commonly referred to as sitemap.
  • Content. It is the clients responsibility to actually provide us with the text content. Else we can refer you to some highly trusted writers who can help you with your content writing needs.
  • Imagery. If you have existing images for us to work with, we are happy to use them. If we use stock imagery, we can purchase the images on your behalf.

Design & Development

Once your content is ready, your project will go to the design stage where the overall “look” of your new website is created.

Then our developers will prepare the functionality and features of your website. This gives your website users a good experience and boosts your SEO (and visibility). We specialize in “custom” development – meaning that if you can dream it, we can create it.

Included in this phase

  • Home Page
  • Inner Pages
  • Content Population
  • Mobile Responsive
  • SEO


This is the most exciting part. Your new website is ready to show the world.

We have an internal process dedicated to bringing your website live, to ensure quality and accuracy at every step. We bring websites live during the business day Monday through Thursday.

This allows us to complete the process and verify everything is working while we are in the office and can respond if needed.

Once you give your final approval then the site is ready to launch.

Go-Live & Project Wrap

Support & Maintenance

Your new website is live, but your business is changing every day! The best changes are due to growth. Our team is standing by, ready to make changes at your request.

Boldally offers website hosting plans that include monthly maintenance and development time. We have a dedicated support team that will work with you on updates, maintenance, and training.

Many of our customers also utilize our marketing team for SEO and advertising after website launch.

Offering website hosting plans.

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