Case StudyUpkar Group

Upkar Group, a premier consultancy specializing in international education, collaborated with Boldally to launch a new website. This initiative aimed to accurately reflect Upkar Group's commitment to excellence and personalized care in guiding students abroad.

Upkar Group
Laravel, PHP


Recognizing the need to establish a strong online presence, Upkar Group engaged Boldally to develop a new website from the ground up. The project’s goal was to effectively showcase their bespoke educational services and their unique approach to student guidance on an international scale.


Upkar Group needed a digital platform that could convey their dedication to providing personal attention and expert advice for students aspiring to study abroad. The challenge was to create an online presence that mirrored their values and stood out in a competitive market.


Boldally designed and developed a new website, emphasizing a user-friendly experience and a design that captures the essence of Upkar Group’s services. The website highlights their specialized IELTS and PTE training, underscored by the expertise of Sardar ji Consultants and the team’s commitment to mentorship and personal attention.


The new website successfully launched to rave reviews, including a 5-star rating from Upkar Group. It effectively communicates the consultancy’s premier services and has become a pivotal tool in attracting and engaging potential students interested in pursuing international education.


The successful collaboration between Upkar Group and Boldally in creating a new website marks a significant milestone in enhancing Upkar Group’s online visibility. It underscores the importance of a well-crafted digital platform in articulating the value of personalized educational guidance for students looking to study abroad.