Case StudyEmerhub CRM

Emerhub's journey toward enhancing client onboarding and real-time collaboration showcases the innovative use of technology in streamlining business processes. By partnering with Boldally, Emerhub embarked on a project to develop a custom CRM solution, leveraging Firebase and Vue.js, marking a significant advancement in their service offering.

Node.js, Firebase, Vue.js, Express.js


Emerhub, a leader in providing corporate secretarial services to businesses expanding into emerging markets, identified a need to improve their client onboarding process and real-time interaction capabilities. To address this, they collaborated with Boldally to create a bespoke CRM system. This new platform is powered by Firebase for backend services and Vue.js 3 for the frontend, offering a dynamic and responsive user experience.


The main challenge was to develop a system that could not only handle real-time data updates but also provide a seamless and efficient onboarding experience for new clients. Emerhub needed a solution that could keep pace with the dynamic nature of international trade and commerce.


Boldally designed and implemented a custom CRM using Firebase and Vue.js 3, which allowed for real-time data handling and form editing features. This solution enabled Emerhub’s team to onboard new clients efficiently, with the ability to make instant updates and changes, enhancing the overall client experience.


The CRM system has significantly improved the onboarding process for Emerhub, enabling the team to manage client information and interactions in real-time. The platform’s real-time form editing features have also empowered clients to actively participate in the onboarding process, leading to higher satisfaction and engagement.


This project not only streamlined Emerhub’s client onboarding and management processes but also reinforced their commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to serve businesses expanding into emerging markets. The collaboration with Boldally and the use of Firebase and Vue.js 3 have set a new standard for CRM systems in the corporate services industry.