Case StudyCompanies House

Companies House, navigating the complexities of business transactions in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, required a robust solution to gather reliable company data. Partnering with Boldally, they embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their digital capabilities and streamline data acquisition.

Companies House
E-commerce, Web Scraper
Laravel, PHP, Python, Livewire, Alpine.js, Stripe


Companies House OU specializes in providing detailed information about businesses across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. To improve their service offering and ensure clients have access to accurate, real-time data, they engaged Boldally to develop three e-commerce sites and a sophisticated web scraper tool.


The primary challenge was the difficulty in obtaining reliable and up-to-date information about private companies in their focus regions. Companies House needed a solution to efficiently collect data about shareholders, directors, and commissioners to aid in business transactions.


Boldally addressed this challenge by creating three state-of-the-art e-commerce platforms, tailored to showcase comprehensive company data. Additionally, they developed a cutting-edge web scraping tool capable of extracting data from various websites, ensuring that Companies House could offer the most current information to its clients.


The implementation of these e-commerce sites and the web scraping tool revolutionized how Companies House operates, significantly enhancing their ability to provide timely and accurate company information. This technological advancement has made Companies House a vital resource for businesses looking to engage in transactions within their target regions.


Through the partnership with Boldally, Companies House OU has set a new standard in the accessibility of business information in Southeast Asia, empowering their clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.