Case StudyBhaagyashaali Welfare Foundation

Bhaagyashaali Welfare Foundation partnered with Boldally to revolutionize their fundraising efforts through digital innovation. This collaboration resulted in a state-of-the-art donation portal that simplifies the giving process.

Bhaagyashaali Welfare Foundation
Donation Portal
Laravel, PHP, PayU


The Bhaagyashaali Welfare Foundation, dedicated to ensuring every child enjoys a nurturing environment, sought to enhance its fundraising capabilities. Boldally was tasked with creating a seamless online donation platform.


The foundation needed an efficient, secure way to collect donations online to support its initiatives for providing essential resources like drinking water and healthy food to children.


Boldally developed a comprehensive website with an integrated donation portal, leveraging the PayU gateway. This solution streamlined the donation process, making it easier for benefactors to contribute online.


The new platform significantly boosted the foundation’s fundraising efforts, leading to a surge in donations. The client awarded Boldally a 5-star review for their exceptional work, highlighting the impact of the donation portal on their mission.


Boldally’s expertise not only provided Bhaagyashaali Welfare Foundation with an effective online donation system but also paved the way for a brighter future for countless children.